Monday, 8 February 2010


what can i start with to show you guys what this blog is all about?
well lets start with two look party dress!
for this project i created a mini dress out of an old fleece, which had a skirt on the top just below the bust it was really simple to do and i will tell you how to do it

To start you need a fleece that is the biggest size you can get even if it can go up to xxl, (the one that i used was a large), a lining type fabric polyester or satin if you want to use that ( i actually used an indian suit for mine) and a t-shirt if you want.
First things first you must have a dress form, scissors, thread a sewing machine (duh) and 2 zips for the back of the dress and the skirt and fusing

To begin- the dress
1.first cut the sleeves off, just before the seams, you can actually use the left overs to create a really kool vest!!
2.then you take the sleeves and remove the stitching so that you can see the pattern of the sleeve

3.cut the curved bit of that pattern do you end up with to trapizium looking shapes

4.on the dress form put the sleeves so that the largest part of the sleeve is at the front and pin down the front

5.fold the fabric back along the forn until you get the desired size you want and pin the back, do not cut at this point.

6.then on the back of the fleece you will see a large sqare shaped piece of fabric just before the sleeve bottom start, cut and remove that piece from the fleece and this will be the skirt.

7. drape and pin the skirt to the bodice bit on the dress form and have both the end nearly meet at the back.

The skirt- as i used a kameez off an indian suit i will telly ou how to do it on a normal piece of fabric
1. place the fabric on the table with a fold

2. measure your under bust area

3. half the full measurement and mark it on the fabric

4. the mark two line coming off the marks at an angle to how full you want the skirt and draw a curve to join the lines together.

5. cut out the shape leaving on inch for seam allowance.

6. sew the pieces together so that you have a very basic skirt, BUT leave one side open

7. cut out a strip of fabric which is your measurement again and cut it out, but make sure that the width is double
8. using the fusing apply to the strip ( hopefully you know how to do this)

9. fold the piece over and sew along the sides until you have one long strip of fabric ( if you want to add abit of detail to it sew lines across the strip to add a nice detail
10. sew the strip to the skirt making sure that you start on the side you left open and keep it open

11. from the open side insert a long zip to it to add a reveal so that in the end you have 2 looks. And the skirt is done

back to the dress! using some scrap bits of the skirt fabric attach that to the end of the skirt on the dress, remember that was not close when you where sewing!! also if you want to add any other left overs to the back of the dress to create a nice bow detail. and then all you need to do it put the skirt with the zip ontop of the dress and you have two looks perfect and a night out!!

Friday, 5 February 2010

what is fashion fix remade?

This is my first blog people so i hope you like it : ), well i guess what your wondering is what is fashion fix remade?
well it is my alternative to commercial fashion, in this blog i will show you different ways to personalize clothes and accessories aswell as making and remaking clothes, which no one else will have!!
Also i will be talking about clothes on the runway and taking a look at the new trends and what they can offer as well as getting you reading for any occasion with some very simple but affective style tips.